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Oceanside - Buddy Todd Park

Mesa Drive and Parnassus Circle
Oceanside, CA 92054
760-435-5041 for birthday reservations.
Comments: I recomend this park for everyone. It is a nice family park with Swings, Playground Sets, a route where people can walk, and is is overlooking the ocean. This park is in a nice safe area. Also,There is basketball and volleyball courts where everyone can play, and the park consists of tall, beautiful trees that provide shade. A perfect palace to have a picnic. Wooden structures that I remember from my childhood... great for kids to climb on. Includes a fireman's poll, monkey bars, slide. Also has a younger kids sections with the newer plastic structure. This is a very, very nice safe park.
Play Equipment: They have swings, slides, jungle gym areas.
Fee: No.
Restrooms: Yes.
Water Fountains: Yes.
Ample Parking: Yes.
Sand: Yes.
Picnic Tables: Yes.
Grills: Not sure.
Shade: Yes, but no shade pavilions.
Field: Yes.
Pond/Ducks: No.
Bike/Scooter: Yes.
Reviewed By: Liz Ryan and Janel
Review Date: 13 Jan 2005
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