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Escondido - Mountain View Park

1160 South Citrus Avenue
Escondido, CA 92027-4914
760-839-4691 for birthday reservations.
Comments: The play equipment is old but in excellent condition. The playground structures here have some unique features. First, the younger kids' play structure has a suspended bridge to walk accross. It also features 3 slides and one of the slides is a small cork-screw slide. The older kids' play structure has a tunnel on the upper level that kids climb through in order to reach a tall cork-screw slide. The research team loved playing on BOTH the play structures because of these unique features! There is shade near the play structures allowing parents to sit comfortably at shaded picnic tables while watching their little ones play. The water fountain is right by the play structures -- BUT NOT THE BATHROOM. The bathroom is more than walking distance away at the upper part of the park. This is an inconvenience but my research team simply "held it" until we were driving out and stopped at the restrooms. They are at the back side of the building next to the 2 baseball diamonds.
Play Equipment: 1 play structure for big kids and another one for younger kids. 1 swingset for older kids, and another for younger kids.
Fee: No.
Restrooms: Yes.
Water Fountains: Yes.
Ample Parking: Yes.
Sand: Yes.
Picnic Tables: Yes.
Grills: Yes.
Shade: Yes, and near the play structures.
Field: Yes.
Pond/Ducks: No.
Bike/Scooter: Yes, small paved path.
Review Date: Sometime before 30 Sep 2003.

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