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Flinn Springs - Flinn Springs Park

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Marina Springs Lane and Olde Highway 80
Flinn Springs, CA 92021
877-565-3600 for birthday reservations.
Comments: Well worth the $2 day use fee. Flinn Springs has seen some recent renovations, including a new play structure and tire swing in the "upper" picnic area, close to plenty of picnic tables, a gazebo and a larger roofed structure (for performances perhaps). Trees provide more shade, which is essential in summer. Further downstream is an open grassy area with 4 swings (the kind for older kids). Restrooms abound in this park - you never have to walk far to find one, and they are in decent shape. No sand lots other than a horse-shoe pit, but instead there is a shallow stream which runs through the park, allowing for water play, looking for bugs etc. (although there may be biting insects in summer). The stream is crossed by wooden bridges at various points. These and the gazebo make good spots for photo portraits of your kids. There is also a dirt trail which leads up to a picnic table with a commanding view across I-8, and down through a ravine which involves some fun clambering and sliding. Around the outskirts of the park, some 2003 fire damage and consequent mudslide areas are visible, but the park and facilities are in good shape. Dogs are allowed on-leash and will probably enjoy all the smells of the surroundings. There are some paved walkways connecting the different picnic areas which would allow limited use of bikes or skates (not sure if this is technically allowed, though). For large groups reservations are available, and this would be a great place to host an outdoor, multi-family birthday party/BBQ. In summary, a nice family-friendly park with plentiful shade, good facilities and enjoyable, photogenic natural features. You will not miss the $2 fee once you are inside; you can easily spend 1/2 day here. Softball field, picnic tables, trails to blaze and plenty of parking. State-funded preschools in the area make it a regular yearly field trip for 3-5 yr. olds. Its a barrel of fun!
Play Equipment: There is something for everyone here. Pretty new play equipment in two separate areas. Slides, wwings for big kids and tots, rope climb, ladder climbs, & teeter-toters. Upper area: new play structure with slides, tic-tac-toe, 2 slides. The top part of the structure is covered. A tire swing is nearby. Mostly suitable for kids older than 4, but 2-year olds will enjoy if assisted. Grassy knolls to run and play on. Lots of shade, even has a running creek to challege those willing to dare cross it.
Fee: Yes, $2.00.
Restrooms: Yes.
Water Fountains: Yes.
Ample Parking: Yes.
Sand: No.
Picnic Tables: Yes.
Grills: Yes.
Shade: Yes, and there are shade pavilions.
Field: Yes.
Pond/Ducks: No.
Bike/Scooter: No.
Reviewed By: P. Blanco & Ingrid Rowell
Review Date: 28 Dec 2003 & 04 Apr 2005
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