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La Mesa - Sunset Park

5540 Lake Park Way
La Mesa, CA 91942-1607
Comments: This park is located right next to a little league field. I think the field is th main focus and that the play structure was put in as an afterthought. Still, the playground is great for parent who have kids in baseball, and have little ones that won't watch the games.
Play Equipment: The play structure is meant for kids ages 2-12. It has a climbing structure, several slides, lots of steps and a few games built in.
Fee: No.
Restrooms: Yes.
Water Fountains: Yes.
Ample Parking: Yes.
Sand: No.
Picnic Tables: No.
Grills: No.
Shade: No.
Field: No.
Pond/Ducks: No.
Bike/Scooter: No.
Reviewed By: Amy Whitney
Review Date: 18 Apr 2005
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