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Lakeside - Lake Jennings Park

Perch Lane and Bass Drive
Lakeside, CA 92040
619-561-0580 for birthday reservations.
Comments: Ben: I have been to this campground multiple times in the last 4+ years. This playground is lame. The lamest I have ever seen. Needs upgrade, big time. It is all sand (BYO horseshoes) has a decent metal slide, a cement tube and swings all hindered by those tiny kids upside down skid lid type safety seats. Bogus. However, it is backed up by the best camping site in San Diego County in my opinion. Clean bathrooms, showers, hot water. A fish filleting area. A little animal show for the kids on the weekends. And beautiful! Featuring a beautiful lake and rental boats. But no swimming or water contact. Like all the reservoirs. Bummer. Fish, hike, bike, play catch, explore, whatever. Camp there and Love it! Go again and again. But forget the playground for active kids who need little or no supervision. Slide and sand is all they get. Anonymous: LOTS of shade trees with picnic tables under them. BBQs close to the tables...far enough that you can stay out of the smoke, but close enough that you can watch what you're cooking easily enough.
Play Equipment: Ben: This park is basically for the camping guest's kiddles. Younger ones. It's worth a looksee as a recon mission only, to scout out a good campsite for reserving in the future. Bathrooms are right there. Lotsa sand. Designed for wee tots. A short length of cement tube to climb on, and go into. A decent metal slide. All over 4yr old youngsters can enjoy that,the slide, but only that. Swings are designed for wee ones only. Hindered from normal usage by the new politically correct safety seats. This playground is basically lame overall. Go for the view. Drive up into the mansions area across the other side of the Lake. Amazing. Go for the quiet. Go for the serenity, the camping, hiking, picnicking, fishing. Not soley for this neutered playground. This park is for the camper's tiny tots and bored kids and is a great meeting place for the camping youngsters to hook up. One would not go to it otherwise. Its a real neat place. Tip top. Anonymous: 2 separate playgrounds on opposite sides of the main lake. Each playground has 2 structures, one geared for younger kids, one for older. Both also have swings.
Fee: Yes. How much? (Information not provided.) One need not pay to recon the place.
Restrooms: Yes.
Water Fountains: Yes.
Ample Parking: No. It depends. Usually it's not a problem so long as you are camping there, or park at the entry ranger station and walk over.
Sand: Yes.
Picnic Tables: Yes.
Grills: Yes.
Shade: Yes, but no shade pavilions.
Field: No.
Pond/Ducks: Pond yes, ducks no.
Bike/Scooter: Yes.
Reviewed By: Ben Harness & Anonymous
Review Date: 26 May 2004
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