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Lakeside - Lakeside Community Center

Link: None
9841 Vine Street
Lakeside, CA 92040
619-561-0580 for birthday reservations.
Comments: Great view of Lindo Lake and all the ducks. Shaded benches for seating. Ground is covered with bark chips. Next to Lakeside Community Center, and directly behind Lakeside Library. Concrete sidewalks surround the lake making it great for kids to bike, trike and hike. Nearby picnic tables and grills.
Play Equipment: This is a San Diego county park with a small but fully enclosed playground! Great for toddlers and younger kids. 2 regular swings and 2 baby swings, all new play equipment including stairs, a variety of slides, tubes and ladders. A toddler-sized spaceship that rides on a spring.
Fee: No.
Restrooms: Yes.
Water Fountains: Yes.
Ample Parking: Yes.
Sand: No.
Picnic Tables: Yes.
Grills: Yes.
Shade: Yes, and shade pavilions.
Field: No.
Pond/Ducks: Pond yes with ducks.
Bike/Scooter: Yes.
Reviewed By: Paula Wansley
Review Date: 02 Feb 2005
"Children learn as they play. Most importantly, in play children learn how to learn." - O. Fred Donaldson

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