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Vista - Guajome Park

Link: None
N. Santa Fe Ave and Osborne Street
Vista, CA 92083
877-565-3600 for birthday reservations.
Comments: Brand new play area! Lots and lots of ducks. Fishing also available. Huge park. Lots of places for the kids to run.
Play Equipment: Younger kids plastic structure. Spring toys including a cool fire engine and motorcycle. 2 baby swings and 2 bigger kids swings. Plastic bark for ground cover.
Fee: Yes $2.
Restrooms: No.
Water Fountains: Yes.
Ample Parking: Yes.
Sand: No.
Picnic Tables: Yes.
Grills: Yes.
Shade: Yes but no shade pavilions.
Field: No.
Pond/Ducks: Yes both.
Bike/Scooter: Not sure.
Reviewed By: Stephanie Robbins
Review Date: 20 Aug 2006
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