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The complete listing of public playgrounds in San Diego County.
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If you're like me then you're always looking for a good playground for your family. It's hard to find new ones. My kids and I discover new playgrounds either by word-of-mouth or simply driving around. And even when we would happen upon a new one, since we were unfamiliar with it, we'd discover that we didn't have what we needed, e.g., bread for ducks, bikes for a bike path, umbrella for shade, etc. So I provide this free website for families to list their favorite playgrounds and find new ones!

Don't see your favorite playground listed? No problem! Add it here! You will be helping all of us discover a new playground! We'll give you credit and include a photo of your "research team" if you want!

See you on the jungle gym!

--Elizabeth Gardner


Thanks San Diego for all your submissions! The community has helped build this site into a valuable resource with hundreds of reviews. But reviewing playgrounds is hard work. If you find this site useful, please show your appreciation by buying us a gatorade. Of course if you want to buy us a six pack or lunch that would be great too. Any tip would be most gratefully received by myself and my research team. Thank You!


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